In this age of evident progress, the need to follow the ceremony is fading away. As people start venturing into a realm where outcomes are more important than origins, we have been losing sight on what was meant to be and what has been achieved, while I’m venturing into the subject, let me be clear… I’m talking about programming.

Programming and the essence of making computers do stuff has been an essential start of an industry that has sprouted species of its own. In those days, programming was a feat of its own. It felt like writing code was for the computer to understand easily. It was important for people to write efficient code. It is still important but fewer people are aware of it.

Programming languages have gotten smarter as well. They now have great optimization techniques that let people write dumb code and yet produce efficient and fast results.

I guess that next evolution of such a mentality was to write code using natural thought processes that people can understand with less or no extra documentation.

That was the advent of languages such as Python brought onto the table. People felt distasteful at first but as they slowly realized, it’s important to understand what needs to be done to get the job done and spend less time thinking about the ceremony involved.

JavaScript jumped into the bandwagon not so long ago and with updates to its ecosystem. The language has grown out to be a hero of clean, small smart and tacky language for old and new developers alike.

People who have experience with programming in older programming language feel at home when they move to writing JavaScript. The newer generation feels less confounded by the fact that a programing language feels like a lot of work to understand.

JavaScript like Python is weakly typed and feels quick and simple to use and make applications or simple utility programs. When you write code in JavaScript you feel at home as no ceremony is required to being. It feels great to prototype and fasts to implement. Building web applications feel right when done in JavaScript.

When compared to behemoths like C# and Java. The language is lite, portable and simple just convenient. It now has matured to having most sought after feature such as Object Oriented Programming Systems recently. It is also a first class functional programming model and lets you buy in a new perspective of how programming paradigms evolve while giving you the opportunity to taste both.

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Recently I found myself wandering into the concept of bots and conversational programming if I may call it so, I stumbled upon API.AI, a website promoted by google to create conversational user experience for a much natural approach to app interactions.

It seemed quite simple to understand at first and then all the stuff gets confusing. But eventually it slowly sunk in. Let me give you a quick bite on how to begin make a bot in
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This is my “Hello World ! 👐🌏”. Learning a language is of no use unless it gives you a better perspective of life. And by language I mean both human and programmatically.

With that crap out of the way, I will make it a habit to write down all my experiences into this blog for the rest of my career.

I do this for the following reasons.

  • As a developer, rapid technological changes is an occupational hazard.
  • It might help someone to improve their career (I hope).
  • Encourage people to do the same and be a part of the modern literature of programming
  • Open people up for a brighter and greater future.

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